We offer early and late appointments to suit your requirements. We also have no waiting lists and a Doctors referral is not needed. Plese note that insurance companies often require a GP referral.


  • Initial assessment £60.00 (40 to 60 minutes duration).
    The problem area is fully assessed, treated and exercises will be prescribed to help correct the injury.  Your physiotherapist will let you know, in plain English, what caused the injury and how to prevent recurrence.
  • Follow up treatment £45.00 (30 minutes duration).
    Physiotherapy treatment and progression of rehabilitation exercises.
  • Follow up treatment £80.00 (60 minutes duration).
    Double physiotherapy session.
  • Physiotherapy club discount is £5.00 (Please enquiry with a member of the reception team to find out if you qualify).

Sports Massage

  • Initial and follow up appointments:
    £50.00 for 60 minutes duration
    £35.00 for 30 minutes duration.

Deep soft tissue therapy.


  • Initial and follow up appointments:
    £30.00 for 30 minutes duration


  • Pilates 1:1 sessions with Kelly Kilmartin-Disson:
    £35.00 for 30 minutes


Please contact the reeception team by phone under 020 8314 1200 if you have any questions.