Conditions we treat include

  • Spinal problems:

such as ‘Slipped’ disc, sciatica, posture and whiplash injuries

  • Sports Injuries:

such as Muscle strains, ligament sprains

  • Running Injuries:

such as ‘Shin splints, ‘Runner’s knee’, Achilles problems, ‘ITB’ problems

  • Post surgical rehabilitation:

such as ACL ligament repair. Hip, knee shoulder and Achilles surgery

  • Work related pains:

such as Neck, arm and wrist pain, postural problems and repetitive strain injury (RSI).

  • Upper and lower limb problems:

such as Shoulder pain, ‘tennis’ and ‘golfer’s’ elbow, knee problems

  • Young Athletes:

such as Osgood-Schlatter’s knee pain, Sever’s heel pain and other growing pains.

  • Women’s Health:

such as Back pain due to pregnancy, post-natal rehabilitation, pelvic floor strengthening.



If you are unsure how we can help you, then please phone the clinic on 020 8314 1200 or email us under to discuss your condition.