Manual therapy techniques are used to correct the alignment of the joints. This will help reduce pain and ensure optimal loading of your body. These may include spinal and joint manipulations, ‘muscle energy techniques’ and ‘myofascial release’.

Soft tissue therapy is used to release excessively tight muscles which may be putting additional strain on your skeletal system.

Acupuncture / dry needling may be used to treat pain and spasm. It is often helpful in treating some long-standing painful conditions.

Electrotherapy may be used to speed up the repair process by improving both the strength and alignment of the healing tissue.

Exercises will be prescribed to strengthen weakened muscles, improve posture and ‘core control’. This helps to ensure that the injury is less likely to re-occur.

The rehabilitation process will facilitate a full recovery from the injury. It is tailored towards the individual and the needs of their sport or activity.

Sports Massage Therapy reduces imbalances in the muscular system, improves blood circulation and muscle tissue flexibility.  This not only speeds up recovery but also reduces the risk of injury.

Consent form

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy requires that all patients receiving treatment by Chartered Physiotherapists are registered for Medical audit under the Professional Code of Practice. To ensure that our information is accurate we request that you complete the following, which will also serve as consent to treatment terms. All information will be treated with appropriate confidentiality. A copy of the consent form can be downloaded here. Please print this form and bring it completed with you.